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Since we want to learn how to successfully trade …

Three of the most popular Trading methods

Due to the prevalence and popularity of forex trading, a variety of ways and approaches have emerged on the market. Since we want to learn how to successfully trade in this school as soon as possible, we will not bother you with these basics and theories.

Let me just expose myself to this site, and I will describe only three of the most popular ways.

“Spot” trading

This is the most popular and expanded trading method. It is an immediate purchase and sale of currencies according to a certain value and the expected value change in the near future. It is also likely to be a trading method that you will meet and more or less successfully deal with yourself. The advantages of this kind of trading are that they can be handled everywhere, the spot currency trading is easy, cheap, there is no need for a big initial stake. It’s usually around $ 25 to get a trading spot.

“Futures” and “options” trading

These two methods are intended primarily for large corporations that want to protect their assets even in the event of major movements in the forex market. The size of this market is much smaller, and trading is not intended for small fish, although this is also the case. Since these two types of trading are not easy, and for starters a very large input is needed, these two forms do not make sense to learn in this school.

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