Advantages of currency trading

Currency trading Trading on the forex market brings to all traders quite a few advantages over stock trading and bonds.
To name just a few of the main reasons why so many people and money are turning to the forex market like all others, this is:

Currency trading Trading on the forex market brings to all traders quite a few advantages over stock trading and bonds.

There are no commissions – unlike stock trading in forex trading, you do not have high commission fees for managing and managing accounts, etc. Currency trading is also exempt from all taxes.
-Without intermediaries – “spot” currency trading allows you to trade independently, without an intermediary. This is how you influence your success or failure on your own, and you only depend on your own knowledge. Another reason to visit our forex school.

-You can trade with smaller inputs – already 25 € is enough to start forex trading. This is definitely not something you would recommend, but there is also this option.
-Low transaction costs – transaction costs are usually lower than 0.1%. In larger, more popular and visited trading platforms, transaction costs can be just 0.07%.
-It operates almost NON-STOP – currency markets are open in fact non-stop. It opens on Monday morning in Australia (that is, at night, Monday night) and closes when the New York Stock Exchange closes on Friday afternoon. This allows you to trade, whenever you want and have time. However, the forex market is more active when several markets are open and the movements of currency pairs are the biggest. We will write more about this later.

No institution can influence the value of currencies in the long run.
Lever – the most beautiful Forex trading element, which allows you to achieve high profits with minimal inputs, while keeping the risk at a minimum.
Liquidity – because the forex market is so enormously large, in normal trading conditions, your sales and purchases will happen as soon as you want. Unlike e.g. not too popular shares, it will not happen to you in the currency trading that you will not be able to sell or buy a certain currency pair, because always, in the same second, you find somewhere else in the world who wants to buy or sell exactly your currency pair .
You can find free stuff everywhere – another advantage of currency trading. Most forex trading providers offer you free, demo trading accounts. You can also find a lot of free information and tips on various forums, blogs …

When choosing a particular provider, a platform that allows you to actively participate in the forex market, also take into account all these points, and check what are the minimum remittances, what are the transaction costs, if you can pretend the trading platform on a demo account, etc.

Most providers also have the same. a demo platform where you can deal with virtual money to check what tools and what terms a provider can provide. Be sure to take advantage of this before deciding to transfer your real money.

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