Forex trading start for beginners

Do you want to trade in forex trading but do not know where to start?

Forex trading start for beginners

With our daily articles we provide you with information about the world of forex trading, but today we start from the basics, how to start trading. We start from the account of forex trading, designed to allow you to receive a tailor-made service dedicated to online trading on the foreign exchange market through a small initial deposit. The term Forex or “foreign exchange market” (FOREX) means online trading with different currencies and clearly the methods for making a profit. Find out how to make money with forex with 12 simple steps.

How to do Forex Trading

– Understand what is meant by Forex trading, for a quick explanation click here.

– Open an account on a secure and certified Forex broker, Click here to open a BDSwiss account.

– How to make Forex Trading: Example of a forex transaction with the broker

– Making money online with the forex is mor so simple, it’s like playing on the stock market but you do not need to be a professional, just commitment, perseverance and above all experience, so the advice is to start with a minimum capital to limit the risks, then once acquired experience started to invest more important capital.

– Summing up the object of forex trading is the exchange of one currency against another in the hope that the value will change, so that the currency you bought increases in value compared to the one you sold.

The main features of forex trading are

– Access to traditional, mobile and tablet trading platforms.

– Possibility to change the lever ratio from a scale of 20: 1 to 400: 1

How to trade with Forex

Forex is a liquid market widely traded worldwide. The forex allows investors, both new and experienced, to take a position on the future of a couple by buying or selling the exchange rate of one currency against another.

For example, let’s take a look at the EURGBP currency pair, if you buy this pair, it means that you are buying the first currency EUR and the sale of the second GBP, with the expectation that the price, better called the crossover rate between the two, will rise in value – that is, profits will increase in line with an increase.

Alternatively, if you think that the crossover rate between the two will go down – then you should sell the EURGBP pair. This means you are selling the first EUR and buying the second GBP.

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