Social Forex trading

About Social Forex trading?

Social Trading Platform in your xStation

xSocial gives you the opportunity to analyze detailed statistics of other real traders. Based on this, you can learn and trade yourself or turn on automatic copying with various settings to increase your profits.

How does xSocial work?

Provider is a merchant who allows anonymous merchants to view others results and copy them. The provider makes a commission on the turnover of his followers. The analyst analyzes the stores of the providers and can copy or copy their stores, thus opening up the opposite position. it can evaluate supplier shop statistics. Copying: The follower chooses a provider whose business style he would like to follow and starts to copy his trades. All trading instructions entered by the Provider will also be executed on the Follower Account from now on. Copying at a Trade Point: Make Money on Loss Stores, all trading positions of the Provider will be opened in the opposite direction.

Why to stay with the provider?

– You get commission from your followers’ turnovers
– No further effort
– Traffic statistics are anonymous
– Registration is free of charge
– You will get commissions from your follower’s stores

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